Singer shows the world his talent at UN

Zhou performing at the Chinese Language Day event at the United Nations headquarters in New York on April 18. MINLU ZHANG/CHINA DAILY

At the conclusion of the United Nations Chinese Language Day, fans of singer Zhou Shen accompanied him from the conference room all the way to the elevator doors. The singer waved goodbye and said “thank you” to those who enjoy his music as he stepped into the elevator.

“What I feel very happy about is that there are many people behind me who support and love me,” Zhou told China Daily in an exclusive interview inside UN headquarters in New York. “I feel that they are with me on every stage I stand on. I also want to tell them that we can work together to realize the dreams we want to realize.”

News of Zhou singing at the UN went viral last week. The topic has garnered in excess of 180 million views, and more than 1.72 million posts included it on social media platform Sina Weibo.

UN Chinese Language Day usually falls on April 20, but this year it was held on April 18. It was rainy and cold in New York, with the temperature reaching a maximum of 11 C. Some of Zhou’s fans waited outside the UN the entire afternoon to see him.