Largest ‘power bank’ in eastern Zhejiang a step closer to operation

A helicopter carries construction materials to a designated site in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, April 16, 2024. [Photo provided to]

All necessary materials for the second construction phase of a pumped storage power station in Ningbo, Zhejiang province are in place, an official from State Grid’s provincial subsidiary said recently.

The Ninghai Tea Mountain Pumped Storage Power Station, located in Ninghai county of Ningbo, is a 500 kilowatts outbound project set to complete by mid-June this year.

“Once completed, the outbound project will serve as a power transmission channel for local wind energy, photovoltaic and other new energy sources, playing a significant role in deepening the province’s green and low-carbon transformation, expanding effective investments, and building a modern industrial system,” said Li Chaosun, an official from Ninghai Power Supply Company.