Migratory birds flock to northern Beijing’s waters

Geese, storks and other migratory birds have arrived near the Miyun Reservoir in the northern Beijing City.


The Miyun Reservoir serves as a major water source in the Chinese capital and an important stopover as the flocks migrate for the spring.

Taishitun Town on the reservoir’s eastern bank has witnessed the arrival of a variety of cranes, including the red-crowned crane, white-naped crane and Siberian crane.

A bar-headed goose. /CFP

A bar-headed goose. /CFP

Migratory birds such as bar-headed geese, ruddy shelducks and black storks have also been seen foraging, frolicking and resting around the reservoir.

Monitoring systems have been established in key areas in Miyun District to better protect migratory birds. A big data analysis platform has also been used to collect the migratory routes, resting areas and activity patterns of birds to help improve protective measures.

(Cover: white-naped cranes. /CFP)