CGTN poll: More than 90% global respondents call for Palestinian-Israeli ceasefire to end fighting

The Israeli army’s armored vehicles and tanks move in and out of Gaza, April 25, 2024. /CFP

The Israeli army’s armored vehicles and tanks move in and out of Gaza, April 25, 2024. /CFP

A global survey released by CGTN shows that 90.05 percent of respondents strongly urge both sides of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to immediately cease fire to avoid exacerbating a humanitarian crisis.  

As many as 93.5 percent of global respondents pointed out that all parties should abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law and immediately cease all violence against civilians.  

China has always believed that the UN Security Council bears the primary responsibility for maintaining global peace and security. It encourages countries with influence on the parties concerned to adopt an objective and impartial stance and to jointly play a constructive role in cooling down crises.  

A total of 93 percent of respondents agree with this and believe that the UN Security Council should fully utilize its mediation role to prevent further escalation of the conflict. An internet user commented, “After so many years of tragedy, suffering, and loss of life, we must strive to find a lasting peace.”

U.S. President Joe Biden recently signed a foreign aid bill, continuing to provide $26 billion in assistance to Israel. A total of 92 percent of respondents strongly condemn this action, believing that foreign countries should stop providing weapons and equipment to both conflicting parties and immediately halt the actions that worsen the situation.  

One CGTN viewer stated, “Providing weapons at this time is akin to tossing petrol onto a bonfire.”

A fair and just resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli issue should follow relevant UN Security Council resolutions and international consensus. China advocates that the fundamental solution to the Palestinian-Israeli issue lies in implementing the “two-state solution” and restoring the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. 

According to the survey, 88 percent of respondents expressed strong support for concerted international efforts to achieve a comprehensive, fair and lasting resolution to the Palestinian issue. 

They emphasized that any future arrangements concerning Gaza must respect the will and autonomous choices of the Palestinian people and should not be imposed upon them. 

“It’s time to recognize all the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people at the UN,” one CGTN netizen commented.

The poll was released on CGTN’s English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian platforms, with over 11,000 people voting within 24 hours.