Unveiling secret recipe behind the Tianshui malatang craze

In Tianshui, an ancient city nestled within China’s Gansu province, a portion of traditional street food has recently taken the country by storm, drawing culinary adventurers from every corner to experience its fiery delight.

Tianshui malatang — with its mixture of boiled meat and vegetables seasoned with mouthwatering scarlet chili oil — has gone viral online.

Wu Zhigang, the owner of a beloved local malatang restaurant, finds himself at the epicenter of this spicy phenomenon. Amid the bustling frenzy, Wu’s daily life has transformed dramatically, with his revenue skyrocketing and sleep dwindling to a mere four hours per night.

Despite the overwhelming workload brought by the influx of visitors, Wu’s joy at the economic gains shines through. What’s the secret recipe for his success? Click the video to learn.