‘The Call of Glaciers’ wins silver at New York Festivals for TV and Film

“The Call of Glaciers” poster. /CGTN

“The Call of Glaciers” poster. /CGTN

On April 16 (EDT), the 2024 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards unveiled its winners at the annual Storytellers Gala. CGTN’s documentary “The Call of Glaciers” won the silver medal among international entries in the Documentary, Climate Change & Sustainability category.

This documentary, produced by CGTN’s Generation Z team, follows Palyang, a young Tibetan girl, on a thought-provoking journey. Witness the melting glaciers of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau through Palyang’s eyes and experience the impact it has on the lives of herders who call this vast landscape home. It explores the unique efforts these herders are making to conserve their homeland in the face of climate change. 

“The Call of Glaciers” employs innovative filmmaking techniques to document the traditional Tibetan way of life, encompassing their practices, beliefs and values related to nature, and to showcase the Tibetan reverence for nature, culture and science.  

Since 1957, the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards honor outstanding media content of all lengths and forms across the television and film industries. The awards received entries across 14 category groups from entries submitted from five continents.

(All images designed by CGTN’s Huang Ruiqi and Li Yueyun)