Panda cubs enjoy bamboo buffet in SW China


Panda cubs at a research center in southwest China’s Sichuan Province were filmed enjoying a bamboo buffet.

The adorable footage from iPanda, a 24-hour live stream of pandas, shows the adorable bears chewing on their favorite meal at the Dujiangyan base of the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas (CCRCGP).

One of the cubs, Bao Yuan, born in August 2021, is the son of Bao Bao, who previously lived at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. in the United States. Another cub, Mao Mao, also born in August 2021, is the son of Shui Xiu.

CCRCGP is a leading institution for panda breeding and conservation. It fosters international cooperation with 18 zoos from 16 countries, 39 domestic breeding institutions, and over 10 scientific research institutes.