China ‘strongly’ opposes U.S. tariff hike on EVs, chips and others

China’s commerce ministry on Tuesday said the country “strongly opposed” the U.S.’ decision to increase tariffs on a wide range of Chinese imports, including electric vehicles, lithium batteries, and semiconductors, adding that it will take resolute measures to defend its rights and interests. 

The U.S. should immediately correct its “wrongdoings” and cancel additional tariff measures against China, the ministry said in a statement.

The Biden administration announced the tariff hike earlier on Tuesday. The hike could affect $18 billion worth of imported Chinese goods, including steel and aluminum, semiconductors, batteries, critical minerals, solar cells, and cranes, while retaining Trump-era tariffs on over $300 billion in goods.

Driven by domestic political considerations, the U.S. has abused the Section 301 tariff review process to further increase tariffs on certain Chinese products. This move politicizes and weaponizes trade issues, representing a typical case of political maneuvering, the statement said.

The Chinese ministry urged Washington to stop its unilateralism mentality, adding that the move is “exacerbating” the tensions between the world’s two biggest economies.

(Cover: A file photo of a section of the exterior of the Ministry of Commerce building in China. /CFP)