Can the EV market succeed without China?


With China’s commerce Minister Wang Wentao in Europe and U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in Beijing this week, concerns of overcapacity in the EV market have been top of the agenda around the world. 

But is there overcapacity in China’s electric vehicles market? With the need for more electric powered cars only growing as the world seeks to hit tough net zero targets, where is the sector really headed?

In this edition of The Agenda, Juliet Mann speaks to Tu Le, Founder and Managing Director of Sino Auto Insights and Bill Russo, Chief Executive of consultants Automobility to find out.

And as she focuses on the future of EVs, she also speaks to Kiva Allgood from the Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chains at the World Economic Forum to find out why the sector can only really work if we move towards a truly circular system.